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Zoonar and more partners, 0% fees

Hello everyone!

News: From September 18th 2023, Zoonar will be accepting resources generated by AI!

We have closed a new partnership agreement with Zoonar, a photo agency where you can upload your resources, earn money there and distribute them to other sites to earn even more money.

Zoonar offers the possibility to realease your pictures for partner agencies and thus gives you the chance to increase your revenues. Feeding your pictures through zoonar has the added advantage that not further effort is required from you and that your account is still managed. All pictures titles, captios and keywords will be transferred automatically. 

Also, you will earn 50% of all sales you make on Zoonar and its partners where you sell your content. All your resources will have super tags, which will place your resources in the top positions. This means more earnings. 

You will be free of Vecpho Commision, you won’t have to pay us our commission for distributing your conent through Zoonar. 

And, you’ll get premium technical support!

Zoonar's Partenships

Aflo Images   I   IMAGO   I   Picture Alliance   I   Zoonar API   I    Getty Images    I   

ddp.images   I   age fotostock   I   Alamy

How do I join this deal?

  1. Click on this link.
  2. Register with your data and wait for the account activation.
  3. Once your account has been confirmed and activated, please send us at a confirmation when the whole process has been completed.

Before you will be able to see those agreement where you will be uploading your resources in through Zoonar, you must follow these easy steps.

  1. Go to your profile at Zoonar and get registered as a photographer.

2. Once accepted, “DISTRIBUTOR MANAGEMENT” option will appear, where you will be able to see the conditions of each partner and accept their conditions, as many more options.

NOTE: as a clarification, one of Zoonar’s partners is Getty Images, a graphic resource bank with which we are currently negotiating but no deal is certain. You choose whether to use Zoonar to send your assets to Getty or wait. 

How can you get the deal?

Let’s start by apply for the deal’s offer.

  1. Fill the form below with asked information.
  2. We let you know if you have achieve or not the applied deal , and why.
  3. Follow the steps we will recommend you through the process.

Apply to

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