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Character Rigging

We are looking for character rigging in packs, organized by theme.

There are some specifications about the way assets must be sent and done:

  • Each Mesh in the asset must be named like the original part and use uppercase letters at the beginning of the letter (example in the attachment) and in the group use empty nodes if there is a sub group can be added empty nodes in it
  • Top Node naming (the top emptynode is the same as the filename)
  • Faces/Tris no more than 200k
  • Asset must be above the grid (attached to the grid) and in the center position of the grid
  • Asset size no larger than 239x239x239cm and for character tall max is 180 cm
  • Pivot must be in the center of the mesh (if the fuctional mesh is like a laptop screen then the node is on the hinge)
  • When exporting to glb checklist compress settings and do not need to include lights and cameras.
  • When sending blender files (1 file contains all models in the pack) and .glb files (each file only contains 1 model)

Some examples:


Type of offer: Non exclusive offer

Resources that will be sent: Not limit

Resources that will be selected: Not limit

Price per resource: It depends on the quality of the resource

Vecpho fee: 30%


How can you get the deal?

Let’s start by apply for the deal’s offer.

  1. Fill the form below with asked information.
  2. We let you know if you have achieve or not the applied deal , and why.
  3. Follow the steps we will recommend you through the process.

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